The Centurion 35 Year Anniversary Cricket Bat

Celebrating 35 Years of Centurion! In the summer of 1985/86, Colin Henderson hand made his very first Centurion cricket bat. To commemorate this milestone, we have a limited number of ten 35 Year Anniversary cricket bats.

These bats are made of some of the finest Grade 2 willow, hand picked by Colin himself and lovingly finished in New Zealand to his high standards. They feature beautiful minimalist labels in the original navy & gold colours synonymous with Centurion back in the day. A special signature engraving tops it off.

Why Grade 2 willow? Colin is a big believer in keeping the game affordable and by using grade 2 willow he can do that. At just $500, these bats are an absolute steal. Some will have the odd blemish in them but rest assured, it won't effect performance!

The bats all feature a retro style with big sweet spots and edges. Round handles come standard and the toe is semi rounded in the old style. At Colin's request, every bat will have the edges 'boned' in the old master craftsman way to give them a slightly rounded look. Toe guards are available on request.

All bats come with a spare grip, limited edition blue & gold bat cover and knocked in, ready to play by our state of the art knocking in machine.

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