Free Customisation

At Centurion Cricket Co, all our Centurion branded bats are semi-finished. That means we are able to customise elements of the bat to make sure it is the perfect shape and weight for you.

We don't pretend that all our bats are handmade in NZ. Some are. Most aren't. But what we can do is hand-finish them to your exact specifications. A great option for our Junior or Female Centurions too!

When you purchase a bat on-line, we can contact you and offer to send photos or even video call you to show you some options of the bat in your chosen style and weight.

Once you select your bat, we can take a bit of weight out (within reason) or adjust the shape slightly. If you have any other specifications you would like simply ask and we can tell you if it is possible.

How much for all this? Nothing. Complimetary. FREE