Guarantees & Servicing

Our Annual Bat Warrant of Fitness

Back in the day, good Centurions kept their blades well maintained in case of urgent battle. We believe a cricket bat should have the same level of maintenance and care. Therefore, for every cricket bat purchased we offer a yearly Warrant of Fitness. It is quite simple really, just send your bat back to us during those long winter months and we will iron out any little issues, give it a light press, a light sand, a polish, an oil, a new grip and even new labels. That way your bat will last longer and you will be ready to go for the new season. 

Our Quality Guarantee

We stand by the quality of all our bats. Because of this, Centurion cricket bats come with a workmanship guarantee. If your bat suffers some sort of issue due to faulty workmanship or materials, send it back to us for assessment and we will either repair it, replace it or simply refund your money. 

Our Money Back Guarantee

In addition, we want you to buy online with confidence, so we also offer a money-back guarantee if you find that the bat is not quite what you’re after once you get it home, provided it’s returned in the same condition that you received it. With Colin Henderson’s stamp of approval, all our bats come oiled, pressed and knocked in ready to play out of the box.

Breaking In

With that in mind, we also acknowledge that time is limited in this day and age. If you purchase a bat elsewhere and would like it prepared and ready to go without having to spend hours banging it with a mallet contact us for a quote. In most cases the price will be approximately $50 per bat.